July Favourites of 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hi everyone! How have you all been doing? Sorry again for not blogging last week. I was on a short vacation in NorCal which was a total flop. We were staying near the beach but we barely went out since it was waaayyy too cold to go swimming and stuff. Anyways, since today is the first day of August, I think it's an appropriate time to do my monthly favourites.

1. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer
This concealer is best concealer I have ever tried! I have tried a lot of concealers since I have pretty bad dark circles since I don't sleep much so whenever I wake up, I really need to conceal my disgusting dark circles and this concealer does it SO well.
It has really good ingredients in it and it is not drying at all! It's on the pricey side but it is definitely well worth the money and a little goes a long way! You can probably go on QVC and find good deals on this concealer.

2. NYX Rouge Cream blush in Boho Chic
You all know how much I love NYX products and of course, I have to feature a NYX product in this monthly favourites post. I think NYX cream blushes are gonna be the only cream blushes I will ever use since it's freaking amazing. It blends like a dream on your skin and it's very pigmented!
The colour in Boho Chic is like a cool toned pink and it has a few specks of glitter which I don't really like but you can't notice it on your skin that much. This cream blush gives a very healthy glow on your cheeks and once you set it with a powder, the colour will last for a very long time.

3. Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki
I already have a full review of this brush on my blog so click here if you want to check it out. But to sum up how I feel about this brush, IT'S A BRUSH YOU ALL NEED IN YOUR COLLECTION.

4. Sportsgirl Get Cheeky Eye & Cheek Shimmer
This is one of the many products I got from Sheri from a swap we did together. So thanks so much Sheri! All I really use is the orange side because I don't have any orange blushes in my collection. I actually really how orange looks on my cheeks! I think orange looks a lot more flattering on me than pink.

5. Savvy Trio in Cafe Latte
Another product I got from Sheri. I looooove this natural trio when I'm in a rush and for an everyday look. You can create a natural look and a smokey eye with this trio. But the way I use it is, I use the lightest colour all over the lid. Then I create some depth with the mid tone colour and I just line the eyes with the darkest colour for a natural look.

6. Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette
You all know how much I freaking love Wet N Wild products. This palette is probably the cheapest palette I own but one of the best I have in my collection! All the colours are SUPER SUPER pigmented! I only use the natural brown side. I'm not much of a green eyeshadow wearer. I like using this palette when I want a very dark smokey eye look.
I definitely recommend you guys picking this palette up!

7. Tomorrow - Tablo ft. Taeyang
Yeah, I know this isn't a makeup product but I just HAAADD to feature this song on my blog. It's almost a year old but I love this song so much! Even though I wasn't much of a K-Pop fan until recently, Tablo and Epik High have been my favourite Korean singers/rappers since forever! Tablo is an amazing rapper and super talented. Sucks he's married and has a daughter because I would totally marry him!
And Taeyang, he's not my favourite but him and Tablo together sound amazing!

So that has been all the products I have been loving this month. Thanks Sheri for all the products you sent! Next post will be a review on a foundation that I have been loving so look forward for that!
- Lily

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  1. wow such awesome favorites!! the wnw pallette and the nyx blush look super pigmented!! i gotta try em! thanks for the review :)
    PS : I LOVE that song by tablo!! its sooo goodd! heeeehee i hope he makes a comeback soon with more songs like that!

    1. Thanks! I heard Epik High is gonna have a comeback soon with YG Entertainment :D

  2. So nice list :D I want to get my hands on them too but I'm not sure if they're available here in my country. :(

    I love Tablo and Taeyang too!!!!!
    ahhhhhhh... my current LSS now however
    is I love you by 2NE1 lol:P

    1. I LOOOOOOOOOVE 2NE1 ! I didn't like I Love You at first but it grew on me c:

  3. fjdsfjs I need to give the Nyx blushes a try now!!! I hear a lot of great stuff about them but I can only find them at Ulta :/ So sad that your vacation was a bummer! Is it cold in cali right now? If so I need to pack warmer clothes! What places did you visit :)?

    1. I can only find NYX at Ulta too :c

      It's sort of cold in NorCal compared to down here. In the mornings it's SUPER cold but it gets a lot warmer during the day

  4. omg Yay I'm so glad you like the blush and eyeshadow!! :D <3
    Great faves. I so want to get the F80!

    1. you definitely should! it's probably the only brush i'll ever recommend from sigma c:

  5. thanks for making this review !! I think NYX Rouge Cream blush is quite good! All the above colours are used in my daily make up too<3 I love the pigmented colours of the palette too <3

  6. Every in this post looks amazing!! I love the colour of that NYX cream blush! That Wet n Wild palette looks amazing too.

    In my blog post that you commented on, I was wearing some NCLA nails wraps. I reviewed them on my blog before. You can find it under the nail product review: NCLA tab if you want to see it ^-^


  7. what a thorough and great review! i love how large and clear all the photos are as well! will have to check out some of these products for myself!!

    xx rae

    500+ reader giveaway!

  8. the blush has such a cute colour! love it! xx