Dollyeye Ace Black Review

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60
Hi everyone! How have you all been doing? I just finished my registration for sophomore year of high school and heh, I realized why I dislike people so much. Not you guys of course! Anyways, I'm back with another circle lenses review since people requested more circle lenses reviews.
I bought these off of Uniqso a while ago. The vials are sooo adorable! The half goat/man character on the vial reminds of that goat thing from Narnia. I think a lot of Dollyeye lenses have the cutest vials ever. It was so cute, I couldn't throw it away. Even though I don't know what to do with it.
Left: w/ lens Right: w/out lens
Eh my acne... w/ Flash

Design:   /5
The colour blends in with my dark poop brown eyes very well. Even though the colour blends well, it makes my eyes look unnatural. I don't think if you have coloured eyes, black lenses will look good but that's just my opinion.

Enlargement:      /5
My eyes look HUGE with these lenses on. If you want to make your eyes look big, these are definitely the lenses for you but the thing is, my eyes are so small only the corners of the whites show. 

Comfort:     /5
These lenses are pretty comfortable but I can still feel them on my eyes and it seems like the outer edge is kinda dry. 

Overall:     /5
I like them but I think it looks very unnatural. If you have bigger eyes than me, then maybe it won't look so unnatural.

Hopefully this review helped out a bit. I wouldn't really recommend these lenses if your eyes are small like mine because the lenses cover up most of the whites in my eyes. If you have big eyes, go for it!
Thanks for checking out my review! I'll see you guys later.


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  1. High five sopphies ♥ aaa school `-`

    I think the black is a little too dark compared to you natural eye D8 and like you said, it looks unnatural. But if you're going for a dolly look for, say, halloween, I guess these are perfect then!

    But I'm no one to speak since I have never worn contacts in my life! Haha

    1. Yeah! Class of 2015! :D I'm so glad I don't start school until wednesday. Some people I know started in the beginning of August. o_o

      Well, the pictures are pretty close up so it does look dark compared to my eyes but I added a photo showing my face so it looks a bit more natural far away but it's still a bit too big for my eyes. c:

  2. nice review sweetie and the lens bottles look sooo adorable!!

    1. thanks so much saera! ^^ the vials are incredibly cute

  3. omg I so know what you mean... my monolid weighs down and my eyes are so small already, and when I wore 15mm lens the other day it was like BAM! Hardly any white in my eye anymore LOL it was freaky looking.

  4. blehh i hate having such small eyes. I can never wear 15mm lenses because I'll just look like that little boy from the Grudge!

  5. That character on the bottle is so cute!! I find that a lot of black lenses can look unnatural on dark eyes for some reason. I have not tried anything bigger than 14.5mm worrying that it might make me look scary.


    1. I know right? ^^ Yeahh I have to wear less than 14.5mm lenses :/