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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi everyone! How have you all been lately? I have been pretty busy lately. Sorry for not blogging a lot. Since it's the summer I've been going to a lot of places and I just recently came back from Las Vegas and I caught a cold! It's funny because it was over 100 degrees this whole week and I have no idea how you can catch a cold from heat. 
Anyways, I FINALLY GOT THE SIGMA F80! If you watch the foundation routine videos on Youtube, most likely more than half of them have the F80 brush used in it. Of course since I'm a total brush whore I just HAD to get it myself.
Isn't it beautiful? Sigma changed the brush handles from matte black to this glossy handle. I prefer the glossy handle more since it's a lot easier to keep it clean. Not sure if they changed the overall brush though...
So far, I LOVE using this brush for my BB creams. But this brush is seriously a great universal brush for foundation. You can use it for powder foundation, cream foundation and liquid foundation. It gives a great flawless finish with any kind of foundation you use because of how crazy dense it is!

I find this brush super duper similar to my old ELF Studio powder brush and I say old because ELF was stupid enough to change their powder brush. It looks the same but they made it less dense so you can only use it for powder and not liquid foundation. If you have the older ELF studio powder brush, then that is a great dupe for the F80. The only real difference is that the Sigma F80 is a bit better because it gives a better finish because the bristles are a bit shorter and denser. 
But SCREW YOU ELF for changing the powder brush.

Left: Sigma Flat top kabuki  Right: Sigma Stippling Brush
The best way to apply foundation with this brush is just evenly buffing your foundation onto your face. I hear so many people using this brush as a stippling brush. In my opinion, that's kinda the wrong way. You're not going to be given that 'airbrush' look by stippling with this brush. 
This brush isn't even a duo fiber brush! I guess it may look like it because the tips of the brush is white but it's just bleached at the top to give it that duo fiber look.

- Synthetic! No animals were harmed making this brush
- Really soft!
- Gives an amazing flawless finish
- You can use any kind of foundation with this brush!
- Does not soak up a lot of product
- Gives great coverage
- Does not shed!
- No streaks!

- Takes FOREVER to clean and dry

If you're looking for a new foundation brush to add into your collection, I think this brush would be a great investment. This isn't over hyped around here for no reason. I'll see you all later!
- Lily

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  1. omgggg the famous F80!!! DUN DUN DUN.

    lol "brush whore"

    What?? ELF changed their powder brush?? :( that sucksss.

    Haha you're not the only one, I've caught a cold in hot weather before :3

    1. I couldn't get the older powder brush so I had to send you the new one :/ But it's still good for powder but it's not as great as the older one.

  2. I really want to try this brush out now since my old kabuki died >.> thanks for the review~

  3. Ohh, I also went through a really bag cold this summer and I was also surprised how was this possible?! orz''

    That Sigma brush is so nice! I watch make-up vids on youtube and I hear a lot about this brush, so I guess it lives up to the hype! I have yet to enter the Sigma zone but I'm hoping it will be soon. When that times comes I will definitely be trying this one :)

    1. Yeah it seems like EVERYONE has this brush!

  4. Ah this is one of my all time favourite brushes too! Can't wait for Sigma's Black Friday sale so I can stock up on their Sigmax brushes :)

    1. Isn't it amazing? :D I think I'll just get more of the Sigmax brushes since their natural hair brushes smell like shyeeeeeeeeet.

  5. I need one of these!!!!!!


    1. Yes you do! Probably the only brush I would recommend from Sigma is this brush c:

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