NYX Spring Fling Palette ft. Blanc II Noir Shop

Friday, July 06, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week! I've been so busy lately since my friend and I preparing to go to the SM Youth Auditions. My friend is serious about it but I'm just going to try out for fun. I don't really care if I don't get through. Tell me if you guys are gonna try out! It would be great to see you guys there!
This is going to be a very special post because this is a post for my first sponsor, Blanc II Noir which is an online shop that sells a bunch of drugstore makeup and beauty products and they sell discounted NYX items! They also carry Rimmel, Sally Hansen, NYC (but I don't see any NYC products), and Sigma. The first review I will be doing is this NYX Spring Fling palette.
Now I know Spring is long gone from here but I've always wanted some pastel coloured eyeshadows after seeing Lisa Eldridge's pastel makeup tutorial and I'm usually the girl that only likes wearing natural colours on my eyes.
The packaging of this palette is super adorable and fits the Spring theme perfectly. The front has a Japanese Sakura tree (I think that's what it is) and the colours are incredibly beautiful in the packaging. It's made of cardboard, similar to the original Naked palette without the velvet. There is a little drawer below the eyeshadows and if you pull it out, two blushes, two shadows and two lipglosses will appear.

The swatches are nice but they don't really appear the same on my eye when I apply it with a brush. Even if I use a good primer, I have to build up so many layers of one shadow for it to show up on my skin. I'm not sure if it's because my skin is pretty light and that's why these lighter colours don't show up well. The bit more saturated colours show up better though. The matte eyeshadows are pretty chalky which I find a lot of NYX matte shadows to be.
I know the pastel colours are really cute and pretty but when I tried to create a makeup look with it, it did not look flattering on me at all. I think pastel colours will look very flattering on very very pale skin with pink undertones (like Caucasian skin) or darker skin (like African). But if you're in between those two skin colours like me, they won't look that flattering. But that's just my opinion.

Now the blushes are probably the only thing I would use from this palette. There is a very pretty peach coloured blush which is probably my favourite colour for blushes but it's pretty hard for the colour pay off the show up. The second blush is a very vibrant hot pink blush which I would maybe wear to a party or something (not like I get invited to parties anyways).
The lip glosses, meh. The first colour is just a clear gloss and the second is a very sheer pink. I would never reach for it ever not just because I'm not a fan of lip gloss but because these are waaaaayy too sticky.

- Packaging is super cute
- Colours are very pretty (in the box)
- Beautiful coloured blushes

- Colours do not show up well on my skin
- Matte shadows are very chalky
- Don't care for the lip glosses
- Colours are not flattering on me

If you still want to try pastel coloured shadows, here is a great tutorial from the amazingly talented Lisa Elderidge.

Sorry for the negative review but negative reviews are just as important as any other reviews. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and thank you to Blanc to Noir for sponsoring me!
I'll see you all later!


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  1. Thanks for the honest review!! Unfortunate that this palette isn't that great! It's very pretty looking, haha.

  2. I love that you're so honest :)
    The palette is really pretty! I think I wouldn't mind a lil chalkyness.

  3. I think the darker blush color is so pretty!
    Maybe try the single NYX eye shadows, they are super pigmented and come in tons of different shades. I love the few that I have.

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. I definitely wanna get the single shadows from NYX! I always swatch them and I'm always tempted to get them. Maybe next time I go to Ulta I'll get them finally.

  4. It looks so nice! Too bad it doesn't seem that great...
    Wow they sponsor you?? :O did they contact you or something? You're famous! lol

    1. LOL naahh, I'm not famous. But I'll hopefully get there c:

  5. Omgggg THE PACKAGING!!! I fucking loooove Sakura!! The cherry blossoms were so beautiful in April *__*
    And congratulations on your first sponsored post! <3 The color combination of the palette is a bit awkward... I mean, they look nice but you can't really combine them for a make-up unless you want it to be really colorful :/ So sad the colors didn't suit you..I would have loved to see a look with these though on you :)

    1. Yeah! The colours just looked terrible on me. -___- Kind of reminds me of the play makeup my friends had when I was in elementary school.

  6. Hello!
    I just found your blog!
    I love it!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!


  7. Wonderful review ^^

    The colours are so beautiful perfect for spring time I think ^^

    Love from Emi


  8. Thanks for this honest review!!:D I don't think the colours of the eyes shadow are easy to handle .....so green so blue so yellow and I really don't want to put these colours on my eyes @_@) sorry for loong time no visiting yr blog!! Miss you