Review | Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation + MY BIRFDAY

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi everyone! How are you all today? Guess what guys! Today is my birthday!   I'm finally 15! Jeez, time has gone by fast. I remember watching a Fairly Oddparents episode and I saw the year that it came out and it said the year 2000 and that was 12 years ago! Damn, I feel old...
Anyways let's get on with this review! 
I've been wearing foundation a lot more recently but all I really wear is BB cream since that's all I have in my foundation collection with the exception of my powder foundations which I only use for setting my makeup. I decided to branch out and try a bit more foundations and I first bought this Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation. I have the sunscreen from the Sun Protection line which I love SOOO much. It's the only sunscreen I ever use for my face and I already went through 4 bottles.
The main reason why I got this foundation is because it has SPF 36. It's the summer time and it's extremely important you have a good amount of SPF. I recommend wearing SPF 30 or above. I know there's some people who think SPF 15 will do the job but NO IT WILL NOT. My Aveeno moisturizer has SPF 15 and I still wear sunscreen over it because SPF 15 won't do shit. Maybe it'll protect your skin from the sun for like 10 minutes.
Stick foundations are like cream foundations in a stick form. They're really easy to use. What I do is just dab a bit of the foundation all over the face. You can use a brush to blend it out but I think using my clean fingers is the way to go since it's a lot easier to blend it out. I think this has medium coverage but you can definitely build it up without looking cakey. This gives a very flawless look and this will stay on all day! I heard pro surfers use this stuff because it's water proof and just amazing.
My skin is pretty oily in the summer time and this does not make me look greasy throughout the day. I think because this is in a stick format, it's very easy for traveling and I even brought this with me to New York! 
SPF makes your skin look brighter in flash photography 
- SPF 36
- Easy to use
- Extremely creamy and blendible
- Travel friendly
- Looks like a deodorant! LOL
- Buildable coverage
- Long lasting!
- Gives a flawless look!

- Only two colour selections (plus the translucent shade)

I'm going to be using this a lot this summer and if you have a similar skin tone as me, then you should definitely see if the shades fit your skin! I hope Shiseido comes out with more shades because this is really an amazing product! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this quick review and I'll see you guys later!

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  1. Ohemgeee HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!!!! <3
    And I've never heard of stick foundation o.o
    Looks interesting!

  2. Awww HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LILY!! ♥ You are zodiac cancer like me :D And your birthday is the same day as my blog birthday so I won't forget it from now on I guess ^^ (Oh and the new pokémon launched here on 23rd as well! ) I hope you had a great day with all the people you love! :)

    I never heard of the sun protection stick but I'll be sure to take a look, looks good :)

    1. Thanks Sam :D
      Ooooh I downloaded the japanese version of Pokemon Black 2 online but I have noooo idea what it's talking about but I don't care! It's SOOO awesome!!!

    2. Yay I'm glad to hear that, I'll buy it next week! I can tell you what it's about when I started to play if you like ALTHOUGH I doubt the story will be very different from.... all the other 12 games until now :'D I hate that there are no new starter pokemon though ;_;

    3. From what I've been playing so far, the story line seems cool but what would I know since I don't know Japanese! LOL.
      I hate that there are no new starter pokemon too! but I guess it's like Pokemon Emerald and Platinum but with a TOTALLY different story line which I like a lot better c:
      BUT I HATE THE GIRL CHARACTER. She looks so weird o_o I prefer the girl in the first black/white than the second one so I have to play the boy character in black/white 2 xD

  3. Happy late birthday !
    love your blog *_*

  4. Happy birthday!!! This foundation looks nice on your skin, even though your skin was already great with nothing on.


    1. haha thanks! but my forehead is horrendous -___-

  5. Wow! The coverage is super nice! I think I want to buy this!

  6. wow i really like the finish of this product! your skin looks flawless afterwards yet still natural. at first i thought the product looked like a deodorant as well. glad to hear that it works well ~ gonna maybe try it out next time. keep in touch ^_^


  7. This foundation looks really great! I have oily skin as well so I'll definitely be trying this out. Thanks for the review!!

    And happy belated! :)

  8. Which shade is yours? Was it beige or ochre? Really informative post, helped answer my questions and I definitely am considering to purchase this. How did you wash off this foundation? I've read that stick foundation can clog pores, did this happen to you? Thanks!

    1. Mine is ochre. It's a bit dark for me right now but a better match for me in the summer.
      I just use my Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. Not really my favourite, but it does the job.
      My skin hasn't broken out from this but I do try to take good care of my skin. :)