Review + Giveaway! Love & Beauty (F21) 21 Shade Palette

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi everyone!  How are you all doing lately? I have an exciting post today that I think you all are going to enjoy very much.

So before I left for New York. I went to the mall to get some nice looking clothes since I need to wear "fancy" clothes for the summer fashion program I'm doing and I always just walk by the makeup table that Forever 21 has whenever I go inside the store. I usually don't buy anything from the Love & Beauty makeup stuff since I don't know why, but the makeup in Forever 21 is always broken and shattered! I even saw some stupid little 6th graders there that day that dropped a really pretty palette and just walked away! WHAT THE FREAK!
Well anyways, I was just looking around and I saw something that just caught my eye. It was a big neutral palette! I just had to get it not only because the colours looked pretty but because it was only ........

$10 !!!! 
This is my first makeup purchase from Forever 21 and this will definitely not be my last.

Funny thing is that I was actually going to buy the Urban Decay Naked palette just as a little gift for myself for my birthday and then I saw this. So I didn't buy the Naked palette again. I seriously need to get it!
This palette has 21 neutral colours (as you can tell by the name which isn't really creative LOL) and they are just insanely beautiful! Most of these colours are metallic and shimmery and it appears there are 4 matte colours but there are actually only 2 true matte colours which aren't really that great.

The eyeshadows are SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER pigmented. The metallic/shimmer colours are the best though. It's soft (but not too soft) and swatches like butter which is why I like to use my fingers and sponge tip applicators to apply it. And it does come with two double ended sponge tip applicators! Do not throw them away because one of the colours just does not pick up well with a brush for some reason.
The matte colours, meh. Unlike the metallic/shimmer shadows, the matte doesn't apply as smooth. It's still pretty pigmented but I can't really tell because one of the colours kinda looks similar to my skin so I can't tell if it is pigmented.
And the "matte" black in this palette is blah. Kinda reminds me of MAC's Carbon eyeshadow. Ever since I tried Wet N Wild's matte black, all the other blacks look like crap (not intended to sound racist).
Swatched in order
The only real problem I have with this is the packaging. Now you all probably know how much I'm a sucker for cute packaging. But I wouldn't say this is the cutest packaging ever. This palette just has a regular black plastic case which I wouldn't really mind at all but the thing is that this plastic is SO cheap! I can just tell if I don't handle this palette well, it will break. I even think my Wet N Wild palettes packaging is a lot sturdier than this palette.
I'm so scared that this palette will break and if it does, I would be devastated. So I'm never going to travel with this palette EVER unless I can get the Z palette and try to depot these shadows in there. I'm so sad that this isn't travel friendly because I would have loved to travel with this and my friends wanted me to do their makeup in New York. Le sigh....

Oh and another thing is, the little tray that carries the eyeshadow is plastic. Not the same  cheap plastic material that the case is, but the plastic like a water bottle you buy in a vending mashine plastic. Now I don't really care for it as long as it looks nice but a corner of the plastic tray isn't glued right so it sometimes just come out but the rest of the corners are glued well.

- Super affordable!
- Most shadows are highly pigmented!
- Nice texture
- Beautiful colours!
- You get a lot for the price you pay!
- One eyeshadow size is the same size as a MAC single so it's like you're getting 21 MAC singles!

- Packaging is crap!
- Not travel friendly
- Some of the palettes at F21 were broken (I got the last untouched palette!)

Anyways, if you happen to find one of these palettes that were not broken, I say BUY IT ALL! Seriously I'm gonna try to go back when I come back from NY and try to stock up on these because these are amazing!

Ooooh, and this review just got a whole lot better. I bought two of these that day so I can try one out and giveaway the second one to you guys!
Just fill out the little Rafflecopter form stuff and you'll be set to go! This giveaway is going to be international and because the packaging sucks, I'm going to make sure to wrap this up in 10 layers of bubble wrap!

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Good luck everyone!


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  1. Ooooh thank you for that post! :D I never looked at the make-up section in F21 because I have a lot prejudices about make-up from clothing stores like H&M. But this palette looks so nice and if you say the quality is good I def. go for it! I hope I can find this palette in F21 Japan as well ;__; Thank you for sharing this, I am super excited to go to Tokyo now 'gnahaha' :D

    1. Actually, I heard F21 makeup is pretty good from some reviews I've seen. Especially the eyeshadows. And some of the makeup comes from the same manufacturer as ELF! But it might be a bit different in Japan? Not so sure.. But definitely check it out! :D

    2. I hope it's not, I wanna have that palette! (and maybe others :D ) But since Zara and others have different stuff in Japan as they have in other countries, I really don't know, couldn't find these on the F21 web presence :/ It would suck but I'll search!

      BTW I changed the URL of my blog today and I am not sure whether you get my newsfeed to my page or not, I am sorry if that caused any inconvenience >_<"

  2. love the palette! pretty neutrals!

  3. I absolutely adore these colors! In the first picture I thought that it looks a lot like the Naked Palette which is so awesome, giving the price of this one!

    1. I thought so too! Hopefully once I get the Naked palette I can do a comparison. c:

  4. thank you for the giveaway~ I've been wanting the Naked by UD too but it's so expensive! The colors look gorgeous :o I've always been a tad scared about trying out the makeup at F21 since it seems pretty sketchy~ I'll know to try out their eye shadow palettes next time :)

    1. I think the makeup at F21 is actually pretty good! I remember in Christmas time, they had something EXACTLY like the Coastal Scents 88 palette but for waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. I should have gotten it D;

  5. im a huge makeup junkie and im so happy i stumbled upon this post! i cant wait to try some of these products out! also, your blog is soo freaking cuteee <333

  6. i really like those amazing, some shades are so pigmented, loving it....thanks for review and swatches. and also for the chance to win it :)

  7. great review! this palette kinda reminds me of the naked palettes =p keep up the great posts! if u have time, hope u can check out my blog and follow it if u like? :)

    xoxo <3

  8. I love it!
    Love your blog, i'm following you now follow back?
    Love, Melissa.

  9. those colours are great and your review is great too! I'm also hosting a giveaway at my blog if you wanted to take a peek.