Best Drugstore Lipstick EVER?! Covergirl Lip Perfection in Rush

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hey everyone! How have you all been this week? I decided to take a break from watching Jenna Marbles to talk about the best drugstore lipstick I have ever bought from the drugstore!
I've had the Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstick in the colour Rush for a while. I always stopped by the Covergirl section and just stood there looking at how beautiful the packaging for the Covergirl lipsicks are. And again as always, I bought the Covergirl lipstick just for the packaging and I didn't know that I would love this lipstick so much!

This lipstick is soooo creamy and applies very smoothly and evenly on my lip. Also this is very pigmented also! I always thought the Maybelline Color Sensation lipsticks were the best lipsticks in the drugstores because they have a wide colour selection and it was creamy but the Covergirl lipsticks are MUCH MUCH creamier. So Maybelline, you're #2 now.
The colour Rush is a medium pinky nude and you guys know how much I love my nudes. If I had this lipstick before I did my Favourite Nude-ish Lipsticks post, this would have definitely been included in that post. This colour isn't soooo nude that it makes you look washed out. So if you want to wear a nude colour, I would recommend this lipstick.
I just LOOOOOVE the texture of this lipstick. It's moisturizing and creamy and just amazingness in a lipstick.
This lipstick being very creamy doesn't really have a good longwear time. This lipstick probably lasted me about two hours without touching up. But when I blot my lips after I apply this lipstick, it'll last a bit longer. But as always, I don't really mind reapplying my lipstick. I mean, everyone at my school just stands in the bathroom mirror touching up their makeup (aka over powdering their face) so I don't mind redoing my lipstick.
- Moisturizing
- Highly pigmented!
- Wide colour range
- Very affordable but good!
- Cute packaging

- Poor longwear

So overall, I DEFINITELY LOOOOOVE this lipstick soooo much and I recommend practically everyone that has access to Covergirl get this lipstick! It's just so amazing!

Oh and if any of you guys are Legend of Korra fans like me, DID ANY OF YOU GUYS WATCH THE NEWEST EPISODE? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHMAAAAAGOD IT WAS SO EPIC! Excuse my fangirling. This is just the best freaking show EVERRRRR. The little airbending babies kicking Equalist ass. SOOO AWESOME.
My face when Lin lost her bending:

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this review and my random fangirling of Legend of Korra. I'll see you guys later!


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  1. Creamier than maybelline?? :O
    I have to check them out now!!
    I got one for my mum but none for myself.
    I always love reading ur blog :)

  2. I'm in love with nude colors too :D I stopped by the drugstore but I didn't check these out today >.< I'll have to do that next time~

    1. DO IT! These lipsticks are aaamaaazinggg

  3. Hi! I can't remember if you've done this already ^^" but I've tagged you for the liebster award :)

    Ahh these lippies look good *0* I'll have to try some out

  4. This lipstick looks amazing!! The texture, colour and packaging all looks so good!!


  5. the colour looks amazing! great review :D

  6. Such a pretty color! and the package looks so cool with the gradient on the cap. Great review!

    1. Oh ahaha the packaging doesn't look like that! Although it would look super cool :o the packaging is actually purple but i guess my desk reflected onto the cap xD