Garnier BB Cream Review + Versatile Blogger Award!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hi everyone!  How have you all been doing? It feels like it's been forever since I made a blog post but actually it's only been a week.
Anyways, time for another review!
I won Closet Voyage's secret Garnier BB cream giveaway a while ago and I received the package a week ago and have been testing it out ever since and I have so much to tell you about it!
I was super duper excited when I heard that Garnier was launching their own BB cream because if you don't know, practically all BB creams are from Korea and they're pretty expensive and hard to get if you don't have a local Korean market. So for Garnier to make their own BB cream is just amazing! Finally America is going on the bandwagon and making their own BB creams.

First thing I noticed is that the texture of the Garnier BB creams will differ from what country you buy it from. The one I have is from Australia and the texture is light and kinda moussey. The one I saw that my friend has is from Asia and it's liquidy. So the texture will differ depending on what country you live in.
Size comparison to Hanskin Premium Super Magic BB Cream
I have the colour in Light and the great thing about the Garnier BB cream is that they made colours for people with darker skin which was a con about the Asian brand BB creams because they only made BB creams for Asian women so they only made really light colours. You'll probably find the right shade for you because the Garnier BB cream is really sheer.

BB creams are supposedly a foundation, moisturizer, primer, concealer, and sunblock all in one. That's why I really like Asian BB creams. I wouldn't really call the Garnier BB cream a BB cream. To me, it's more of a tinted moisturizer. You can't really double it up as a concealer. If you're hoping to conceal some blemishes and dark circles with this BB cream, you'll probably have to use the whole bottle. Of course you can add a bit more coverage using a powder.

Although this BB cream might not be very whitening, it gives this luminosity to the skin and it just brightens up your face giving you a healthy glow. And it doesn't have that weird greyish tint to it like other Asian BB creams. That was one big deal I had with BB creams because all of them had this grey tint to it making me look ghostly. So thank God Garnier didn't put a grey tint to their BB cream.

- Smell is very pleasant (typical Garnier scent)
- Very luminous
- Light, creamy and easy to blend
- SPF 15
- Perfect for everyday use
- No ghostly grey tint!

 Not so likes:
- Too sheer to be a BB cream
- Deep skin tones might not find their colour

Anyways, I would really recommend this "BB cream" for those days when you just want to look natural and don't need that much coverage. Even though this wasn't what I expected it to be, I still love it!

And thank you to Zoe (bramble and lace) for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award! My second blog award I won!

And make sure to enter my first giveaway!


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  1. haha I was kind of weirded out when Garnier took an asian thing and made it western, but it actually looks alright :)

  2. Congrats on the award! :)

  3. I first was super excited when I heard that there will be BB creams in the West as well! Since there are really no BB creams at all where I'm from. But friends of mine who tried this product said it's super "fat", clog your pores and causes breakouts for all of them so I was really disappointed :/ Never tried in person though!

    The hope I have is that other companies got interest in producing BB creams so that we may have nice BB creams in the future and don't need to import them from Asia (:

    1. It caused breakouts? Oh my! :o I haven't broken out from this and I hope I don't start breaking out!
      Yeah, I really hope a lot of drugstore companies start making BB creams :D I know a lot of drugstore brands like Maybelline have BB creams but only in Asia :/ So they need to start selling them in America!

    2. Yeah I have the Maybelline Mineral BB Cream and I just don't know why they only sell that in Japan/Asia >< Although I didn't find a super great BB cream until now I have to admit, I usually use them as a foundation with my normal make-up on top since most creams I got had really poor coverage :/

  4. great review thanks for the post! ^.^

  5. Wish i could use BB cream too!
    Hopefully they planning to make bb cream for darker skin tones..
    And congratulations!^^

    1. I heard Smashbox made their own BB creams for darker skin tones. I'm not sure if it's good or not but you should definitely check it out and look for reviews. :3

  6. @ correction They are haha

  7. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.