DIY: How to Clean and Dry a Kabuki Brush

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hi everyone! If you remember from my last haul, I bought the ELF Kabuki brush. Now the first thing I said in my head was, "How the hell am I gonna clean this thing?" I have the brush guards that you can now buy at Walmart but the one for the kabuki brush is way to long and I already tested it out and it's really difficult to take the brush out of the brush guard since the handle is so short and you can seriously damage your brush trying to take it out.
So I did a little research on Youtube and came across a great video by Enkore and I decided to recycle that video and show you guys how to clean a kabuki brush!

Things you will need:
- a kabuki brush
- a cup or mug
- two paper clips
- a rubber band or hair tie
First thing you'll want to do is clean your brush. There's probably a billion videos out there on how to clean your brush. I just clean it with baby shampoo and gently massage the brush with it making sure that no water gets into the ferrule (handle) because that'll make your brush shed and you definitely do not want that.
After you're done washing your brush, try to squeeze the excess water out with a towel and shape your brush.. Take your rubber band or hair tie and tie it around the handle but not too tight. You want to still be able to have some room in there.
source: Striped Sweater

Then take your paperclips and try to make it into an S-shape. Just like how Spongebob did it. LOL that was the best episode ever.  Tell me if you guys watched that episode since I don't wanna seem like the only girl out there that still watches Spngebob...
Anyways, when you're done making your paperclips into an S, clip one of each side of the kabuki brush like so.
When you're done with that, clip the other side of the paper clips on the edges of your cup.
Leave it overnight and it should be practically dried by then. Thanks so much to Enkore for sharing this great idea to us all. Definitely check his channel out. He gives really great tips!
Hope you guys enjoyed this really easy DIY tutorial and tell me if it works for you!

I'll see you guys later!

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  1. That is so creative! I'm not cleaning my kabuki brush any more since it's shedding all over the place and I need to invest in a new one. So when the new one arrives I'll definitely be using this trick to clean them >.<

  2. what a great idea! i have that same kabuki and it's so thick it definitely takes a few to clean it. i would usually just dry it on it's side.
    do you know the name of the brush guards at wal-mart? like, who makes them? i'd love to pick some up- this is the first time i've heard of them there!

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. Haha it's called "The Brush Guard". Who would have known? LOL. It's pretty cheap(around $5). If you can't find them at Walmart, Sephora has something really similar but waaaay overpriced.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tip!


  4. Great post, such a great idea
    And I think i remember that episode too lol your not alone