LA Splash Glamorous Eyeshadow Duo [Magic Lamp]

Saturday, April 07, 2012

So here I am, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, locked inside my room because my parents' friends are over and they literally creep the living crap out of me and every second generation Korean child knows there's nothing worse than a bunch of Korean parents 'hanging out' with each other. 
I take this as a perfect opportunity to catch up on some reviews I need to do on some products. :)
I ordered the Glamorous eyeshadow duo in Magic Lamp off of the LA Splash website. I believe this is my first LA Splash product but I think I used to have a palette by LA Splash. Or was it LA Colors? Or LA Girl? o_o There's waaaayy too many "LA something" cosmetic brands.. So confusing! D;

I was just checking out the LA Splash website and this duo caught my eye and it was pretty cheap (only $6) and I didn't see it on so I'm guessing this is a new product.

It comes in 10 different colours but I went for the gold ones since you guys must know how much I love my neutrals and golds. 

I'm guessing all of their duos have a metallic finish.
I loooooooooove metallic golds but this gold colour is a little bit darker than I prefer. So I'll still be looking for a drugstore dupe of Urban Decay's Half Baked (my favourite gold!). 

The metallic brown is so pretty! I usually hate metallic browns since they look gross on me but this actually compliments my skintone. I would have preferred a matte brown to create depth but I don't mind using my own matte brown. 
(Sorry for the blurry picture. My camera decided to be a bitch today)

Texture wise, they sorta feel like a cream to powder formula which makes it very long wearing. I like how they're not too soft which I find a lot of drugstore eyeshadows to be. I just apply these shadows with my clean fingers so I don't get fallouts with these but when I use a brush, some of the metallic shimmer falls out but it's very minimal and it's normal for eyeshadows to do that so don't worry. c:

I'm quite glad with these and I think these duos are worth my 6 bucks. Not very fond of the colour choice I got but I will try other colours in the future. 
Other than that, if you really like vibrant metallic shadows I really recommend this product! I think these shadows would be perfect for prom. I'm guessing metallic eyes are in for prom? 

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  1. really pretty colors- i've never tried la splash eye shadow just nail polish and it's impressive for the price!

    Jordan xx
    - Boho Vanity Giveaway -

  2. The glamarous eyeshadow's color is so atractive.the metallic finishing is also nice.sell my house

  3. Pretty colors! They look so pigmented ; I think this combo eyeshadows will look good for prom; it gives a statement(;
    following you now<3

  4. Great review, the colours are gorgeous!
    Tess xoxo

  5. I love this two pretty colours!!! really great combinations ;)

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    I read your About Me, my birthday is also in June 97 :)

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  7. great post!
    now following your lovely blog :)

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