Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette [246 Greed]

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi everyone! Guess what guys? I finally reached 30 followers! I know it's not a lot but hey, I'm still happy. 
I recently bought a Wet N Wild Color Icon palette at my town drugstore that only sells Wet N Wild stuff and they still have some discontinued Wet N Wild stuff. Someone told me that they discontinued the 6 pan Color Icon palettes. Let's hope not!

I got it in 246 Greed since they were sold out of the 249 Vanity palette which I really really wanted since it has pretty gold and neutral colors. But I'm still satisfied with this palette. 
The black on the left is matte. The shimmers of the black on the right transferred to the matte black.
This palette is just amazing! Wet N Wild is a very inexpensive brand but the quality of these shadows are probably up to par to some high end shadows. On all of these 6 Pan Color Icon palettes, three shadows are matte and three are shimmer.
The shadows go on soft and smooth and most of them are super duper pigmented. The colors in this palette are perfect for a day to night look.

I must tell you, that matte black is like my next boyfriend. I love it so much!
For only around $5, you get sooo much for the price. These are literally a "bang for you buck.". (Okay that was really cheesy to say..)
You can create so many different looks with this!

Au Natural

- Apply a sheer wash of the peachy matte color all over the lid.
- Blend a matte brown color (not in the palette) on the crease to create depth.
- Mix the matte cream and the shimmery peach to highlight the brown bone and inner corners
- Tight line and line the eyes with a brown eyeliner.

Slutty Smokes (my friend told me to call it that)
- Pat the matte peach color on your lids with a clean finger.
- Apply the shimmery blue lavender color on your outer V and a little bit halfway onto the crease.
- Create more depth by apply a sheer wash of the shimmery black on the outer V.
- Use a pencil brush or a smudge brush to apply the shimmery black on the lower lash line and connect to your outer V.
- Blend any harsh edges with the matte peach color and a blending brush.
- Mix the shimmery peach and matte cream color to highlight the brow bone and inner corners.
- Use the matte black shadow as an eyeliner and extend the line out.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this palette and I hope to purchase more Wet N Wild palettes in the future. And I urge you to go and try these palettes out! These palettes will not disappoint. Seriously, if you don't like these Wet N Wild palettes then you must be crazy.

Highlights of this week so far:
Recently, FIDM's Franseska (I think that's how you spelled her name) came to my school and visited to talk about FIDM. And I totally forgot FIDM was coming to my school that day and I wore pajamas that day... way to impress a fashion college

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  1. would love this palette! i definately followed your blog btw <3 do you think you could maybe follow me back? would love my blog to be as good as yours xo

  2. Checked out and followed cause it was goodd :)! I have the same palette, but I haven't touched in a while. Not using any eye shadows really besides a dark brown and a champagne colour.

    1. Thanks! :3 Means a lot to me! Yeah I don't really wear eyeshadow but I tend to buy a lot.. I have a shopping problem.

  3. The palette is really nice!! :) but I haven't seem this brand "here" ,it looks good ^^

    1. I just found out they discontinued these palettes D; I'm sure you can find them online like ebay but they're soooo much cheaper in stores in the states.

    2. But if you would like to try these palettes, i'll be glad to buy some and send it to you if you want since they're not expensive at all c:

  4. Pretty palette indeed! I do wish that WnW was available here!