Oh-So Boring to Extraordinary [DIY Mug]

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi guys! I'm so happy because I've been really consistent with my blogging. I'm blogging once a week now and I've got a few more followers the past few weeks. Not a lot but yay! More readers!
So hi everyone who's new to this blog!

I watched this video recently by Bubzbeauty and I just HAD to try it out. She painted these mugs and they turned out soooo cute so I wanted to give it a try. And the mugs are pretty cheap. I got my mug at Michael's Craft store for $1.99.

If you guys don't know yet, I'm in loooove with Totoro. Totoro's the cutest thing ever so I decided to copy her mug with the tree and stuff. Mine turned out a big fail because I don't really like drawing cartoons and I like drawing more realistic things but I like how my mug turned out. It's special to me because I painted all by myself.

I think I'm gonna make more mugs. It's quite fun and relaxing. :)
Oh, and here's a song that's been stuck in my head forever! I don't really like Nicki Minaj but this one is so catchy.

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