New Beauty Buys and Possible Blog Sale???

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello hello again! Time for another haul!

1. ELF Matte Lip Color in Praline
I've had my eyes on the ELF matte lip colors because I'm always on the search for a good matte lipstick in the drugstores but I've tried the matte lipsticks by Wet N Wild and they weren't that great. So I'm hoping this is a good product for me because the colour is absolutely beautiful! Keep in mind that the swatch colour on the bottom of the product doesn't really match the actual product. On the box, it looks like a muted pinky red colour but the colour is actually a nude mauve.

2. ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler
This is my second ELF mechanical eyelash curler! And will probably be the only eyelash curler I'll use for a while. This is a great eyelash curler for beginners in makeup because -wait for it- this eyelash curler is only ONE DOLLAR. Some people like it, some people dislike it. I honestly love it and it wouldn't hurt to try it out since it's only a buck.

3. ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
Another product I've been having my eyes on for a while. I've done my research and visited Target multiple times and finally decided to buy this. Unfortunately, I don't really like it. Personally, I bought it just for the bronzer because contouring is a must for me since I have a pretty chubby face and no definition whatsoever. I knew it had shimmer but I didn't think it would be this much shimmer. And the bronzer made it look like I had dirt. And I have no use for the blush since I don't like wearing blush since I have a phobia of overdoing it like the girls at my school. So I might just sell this on a blog sale that I will talk about soon. :)

4. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream
Goodness..that's a long name. My hair has been a total mess with crazy split ends and it feels so brittle. I cut off my split ends but my hair still feels so brittle so I'm hoping this conditioner and other hair care products I've bought will help make my hair healthier again. This thing smells pretty good but one thing I will tell you about this that I dislike is the packaging. It reminds me of those annoying water bottles that you have to use your teeth to pull the cap up and I've always hated those since that made me lose my baby tooth once.... bad memories...

5. ELF Eyelid Primer
Obviously I've been kind of obsessing over ELF products. I saw Jenn (clothesencounters - my favourite fashion guru if you can't tell) use the ELF eyelid primer in her everyday makeup tutorial and she said "it gets the job done" so I decided to try it out since my eyeliner has been kinda smudging or flaking off lately. Hopefully this works but when I swatched it, it kinda felt a little greasy so I don't know...

6. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 14
AAAAAAAAHHHHH I FINALLY GOT THE KATE MOSS RIMMEL LIPSTICK. I've been wanting the Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss collection for a while but the ones at Walmart were always already opened, swatched, or the colours I wanted were all sold out so when I went to Target, I was so happy to see the full line there. But I only got one but I'm hoping to get more! Even the dark purple colour! I think this is kind of a dupe for MAC's A Brave New Bronze and Blankety.

Also I was wondering, how would you guys feel if I did a blog sale? I have a ton of makeup and clothes I bought but never even tried or I didn't even like them from the start.
And I have been in love with ELF products. Are there any products you recommend? Feel free to comment!

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