Good Finds at Goodwill

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello everyone! 
We made it to 40 followers guys! Thanks so much to everyone and all your support. :D

After art school, I stopped by Goodwill just checking it out since my sister wanted to 'stock up' on Christmas sweaters even though it's March. I actually found some great stuff today!
I've been searching everywhere for a great spring dress and I was actually about to buy a $78 dress from Urban Outfitters so I was soooo happy I found this dress at Goodwill. For only $6! Saved me a lot of money.
Even though it is spring time, it's still a little bit chilly so this sweater is just perfect for those gloomy days. Also, I got this for 50% off so only $3! I need to get those disco pants at American Apparel. I think they would look perfect with this sweater.

I'm not exactly sure what the design is. I thought it was a skull at first but I don't really know.
I feel like most of the clothes I got is actually perfect for fall time but eh, I'm not really into this neon coloured trend for spring. And I still have yet to find some pastel clothes.

I seriously love this top! It's kinda A-symmetrical and it's sooo comfortable. It's pretty loose and weightless and just flows in the wind. But it looks kinda funny in the picture. I promise you this shirt is just perfect.
This is probably my favourite purchase. This bag is just so cute! And it's suuuper clean and looks new. It's kinda awkwardly long but it's the perfect size for a book bag.
And also just a random purchase, I found this little wooden model thingie and I think it would just be a good decoration for my room. :)
It's in a bitch pose... LOL

You guys should seriously check out your local Goodwills! I'm sure you will find something good there. You just have to take the time to search. That's what thrifting is all about.

Oh yeah, this song I have been sooooooo obsessed with! Florence is just an amazing singer. One of the only singers these days that actually has some passion into her singing.

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  1. Great finds! I can't seem to find treasures at my own thrift stores, lucky you :).

    1. I know! I usually don't find good stuff at Goodwill but today was just a good day! c:

  2. If you can learn french, i can speak with you in french! It's very easy! I'm Big talker so it doesn't bother me!

    Si tu veux apprendre à parler français, je peux parler avec toi en français! C'est vraiment facile! Je suis une vraie pipelette, donc cela ne me déranges pas du tout!

    1. Me francais est tres mauvais.

      ahaha how was that? :D

    2. noooon ahah it's "Mon français est trés mauvais", "me" it's before a verb like that "je me suis fait mal" (i hurt myself).

      I love Florence and the machine *_*

  3. great finds hun! i love the printed sweater
    Jordan xx
    - Boho Vanity Blog -

  4. That dress was a bargain, really lovely!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog today! What a fun haul! I love thrifting too! I recently did a post on my blog called "J'adore Dior" where I blogged about a vintage Dior I found!

    Click here to visit me!

  6. But you look thin! why you make a diet ?.?

    I think I have hip so big T-T

  7. I love the dress!!!I want to find a similar one ~~ ^^

  8. Really great finds, that bag is lovely!
    And haha I was just thinking "that model seems very bitchy!" Perfect bitch pose <3

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  9. awesome purchases! It's always nice finding these things at places like Goodwill :)

  10. What a great spring dress find at Goodwill! Don't ever waste your money at Urban Outfitters... as you proved you can definitely find vintage finds for cheaper :)