Small Mall Haul

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hey everyone ! I have a cold and slight fever at the moment so I decided to blog a little while I'm at home instead of school. I just stopped by the mall the other day when my parents abandoned me to go to their friends' house and decided to do a little shopping so here are some things I got. :)

I've been planning on doing some more nail designs and thought maybe I should finally get some nail deco stuff. And when I was in that shop, I noticed they sell pa and Dolly Wink now. :ooo Don't be surprised if you see Dolly Wink stuff in my next haul!

I was gonna get the Kate Moss lipsticks by Rimmel but sadly the ones I wanted were all sold out and the other ones were already opened and grossly swatched.. So I went ahead and got a lipstick from their regular Lasting Finish line in Jet Set Red. It's a beautiful red that compliments my skin tone and it's incredibly moisturising!

I've just been craving a normal red nail polish and decided to get another Wet n Wild Megalast nail polish since the other one I have is a really tacky pink colour.

I have been SEARCHING for a matte top coat forever ever since I saw some pictures of people's nails on Tumblr so when I saw this at Walmart I just had to get it!
I tried it out and it works pretty well! It sometimes leave some white spots which is odd but it's barely noticeable. It looks like dust.

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