DIY :: Studded Shorts + new layout

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hey everyone ! It's finally time for another DIY. Click here for my last DIY. So I've been reading a lot of fashion magazines and looking through and saw a lot of people are wearing high waisted studded shorts. I have a lot of high waisted shorts but none of them are studded. I really like studs. They just give an instant edgy look to anything you wear.

While scrummaging through my messy closet, I came across this old studded belt from years ago when my older sister was going through her "rebellious" stage. I saw how some of the studs were coming off and then I remembered watching a DIY video on Clothesencounters about studding a collar. So I thought, why not stud my shorts?

BY THE WAY, if you don't have any studded belts you can always buy a pack of studs for around $4 here.

Things you will need:
  • studs
  • shorts (or any other item you want to stud)
  • butter knife

See those little things holding onto the belt? Use your butter knife to pull off the prongs from the belt (or if you have some studs already, you can skip this step). Be careful not to prick yourself!

After taking the amount of studs off, you can go ahead and stab the prongs of the studs into your shorts. You can choose any design you want!

You can just stud the pockets....
 One side of your shorts...
or something more subtle like just around the pockets.

But I will be studding more of my shorts. :3

Sticking the prongs in the shorts should be easy since they are pretty sharp.
After sticking each stud in, close the prongs with the butter knife. Make sure to secure it so it doesn't fall out in the washer, dryer or whatever.

Just have fun with it!

Hope you guys try it out! ^^

- Lily

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