New Year's Resolutions 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

HEY HEY HEY! How are you guys?

It's finally the year 2012. The year everyone says is going to be the end of the world. 

LOL what a load of bullcrap. Honestly, I know some people from school that actually think 2012 is going to be the last year we all live. 
I mean seriously... like how David So said "Why should we believe the Mayans? They couldn't even predict their own death." LOL 

So anyways, it's the new year. Time for some New Year's resolutions for 2012 which I honestly think I'm not going to follow but I should at least try, right?

1. Use less heat on my hair

I've probably been killing my hair for the past three years for constantly straightening my hair with my flat iron and for blow drying my hair everyday in the morning for school. This is something I really need to change because just recently, I've been noticing I have started getting split ends. 
I'll find some way to style my hair without using heat. I did find a way to get tousled waves without heat which I shall being doing a tutorial on soon. :3
But if I do decide to use heat, at least I should use heat protectant. 

2. Lose weight, gain muscles
I don't really need to lose weight. Some people say I'm actually pretty skinny. Eh, I think I'm average. But what I really need to do is gain muscles. I've gotten so unfit in the past year and I need to be healthier. 

3. Blog more
I haven't really been consistent with my blog or Youtube. I need to blog more and make more videos.

That's really all. I don't wanna put stuff on my resolutions that I know I'm probably not going to do. So I'm going to try to accomplish these this year and if I don't..... I don't know.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day and a happy new year! 


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