New Hair?

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I've been getting real sick of my hair lately. My daily hair routine used to be just me blow drying my hair and straightening it.
I FINALLY grew my hair and now it's below my chest (aka rack lol I don't wanna say b**bs) and now I can finally curl it.
So my new hair routine is curling my hair. I shall have a tutorial up on it or just showing my hair routine since soooo many of you guys have been asking how I get my bangs and how I do my hair.

I quite like it.
"YOU HAVE DA MERMAID HERRRR~~ " That's what my friend says.

But putting so much heat on my hair makes my hair sooo damaged so I use this hair mask by Macadamia Natural Oil to repair my hair from all the heat. I shall be doing a review on this product too so stay tuned!

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