creeper in geometry.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

So it's been more than two months since I started high school. High school's great besides all the drama. I'm actually excited to go to school now.
Usually when I talk about my high school experience, I talk about someone. This time, I'm gonna talk about this really creepy guy in my geometry class.

There's this guy in my geometry class. He seems like a typical Asian nerdy guy. Pretty awkward and weird. Loner. Not really good looking. Glasses. But actually he's not really smart.

He sat next to me for the first day of school so then everyday he would sit next to me. He would talk to me occasionally and I'd talk to him back just to be nice even though he could be annoying at times. I guess he thought since I was so nice to him, he thought I was his friend or something.

Then after a couple of weeks, he started getting a little...creepy.

He would touch my foot with his foot all the time. O_O I gave him that wtf-are-you-doing look and he would just give me this pedophile smile back..
Then, he started staring at me all. the. time. Like every time I'm doing my work, I feel like someone's watching me. I look up and he's staring at me. He doesn't even look away. He just continues to stare.

When we finish early, we would line up at the door and I'm usually first in line. He would move people out of the way so he could be next to me..

After geometry class is over, he would follow me to my next period class.

Sometimes when I'm at my locker, I have that feeling again that someone's watching me. I look to my right, he's there on the other side of the quad watching me at my locker. One time, he was walking towards me to my locker and I had to close my locker and run to the nearest bathroom to get away from him.

Another time, I was walking to lunch and I saw him walking towards me. He was yelling "HEY! WHY THE F*CK-" but I ignored him and ran away.

During geometry, I asked if I could go to the bathroom and he went to the bathroom too. He came up to me and was like "Hey! Why the f*ck do you keep on hiding from me at lunch? It's not like I follow you around ANYMORE." Which is obviously a total lie. I had to tell him to f*ck off.

And on Friday we were turning in our homework for math. He went to the homework bin, grabbed my homework, took it to his desk, put it in his binder, and sniffed it. I went over there to get it back and he wouldn't give it back to me. I punched him in the nose and got it back. I made his nose bleed, lol.

I seriously do not know what to do. Someone help me please.
I already emailed the assistant principal but I doubt he would help me.

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  1. wtf? He sounds like a total creepy pedo who's like infatuated with you. EWW!!!!
    This is a really old post but is he still bothering you and has anything been done?

    That's SO creepy, I would be so scared :/

    1. LOL this is so old. but yeah this is still going on -___- well, he switched out of my class but i still see him around and he's one of those losers that run to class and he runs by me and practically pushes me to the ground.