NOTD: Pikachu Nails :3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

To show my obsession with Pokemon, I decided to pain my nails in honor of the main character Pikachu.

I was gonna do Snorlax nails but I didn't have the right colours. 

I kinda messed up though. It's the same nail polish from my other NOTD with The Face Shop nail polish. I actually don't really like it that much. I like how opaque the colours are but after a day, it starts to bubble up? I don't know why. It's kinda weird. But I seem to have the same problem with my other TFS nail polishes.

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  1. aweee how cute! I like these XD...and your blog is so cute too, yay for trebuchet ms!=p

  2. and ohhh I read your profile and you do like DAFT PUNK? Me too!!! <3 <3