Haul: PacSun, Beachworks, Walmart, Sears 9/25/11

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hi everyone!
If you guys follow me on Twitter (which you should @thelilyhong), you would have known that I was gonna go on a huge shopping trip on Sunday. It turned out smaller than I thought but I think it's a good size haul to show.

So first, I stopped by Walmart to get some nail polishes. I was going to get some colors for Fall but I failed and got a color that would have been perfect for summer... It was just too pretty to not get it!

Essie nail polish in Turquoise & Caicos

It shows up a little to pastelish in the picture but it is more turquoise and dark in person. I have it on my nails right now and I love it so much! It's actually my first Essie nail polish and I love it so much! It's pretty thin and streaky but after 2-3 coats, it's perfect!
Aren't Essie nail polishes usually $8? I think the cashier lady messed up because I only had to pay $4 for it. Damn, I should have gotten more.

I also got Revlon's Multi Care Base + Top Coat since I needed a base coat really bad and I just the cheapest one I could find. And since this was a base and top coat all in one, I had to get it. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to nail polish, ahaha.
I think using this as a base coat is good. It makes my nail polish go on so smoothly. As a top coat, I'm not really sure. The top coat started peeling on the second day and it's not shiny even though it claims to give a "high shine finish".

Next, I went to Sears to buy some makeup. There were just two things I was looking for to buy and I was going to buy it at Walmart but I couldn't find those exact products there.
I've had my eyes on Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara for a while just because the brush looks kinda like the Fairydrops mascara. And I've been having a problem with my lashes. Every time I curl and apply mascara, my lashes just droop back down in like, 5 minutes. I really hope this mascara works!

For my everyday makeup routine, I put on bronzer and contour my face. It's because I tend to eat cup ramen at night a lot and my face shows up all puffy the next day,  LOL. The current bronzer I have (NYX Tango Bronzer) is just way too orange and it has shimmers in it. I was going to get Benefit's Hoola bronzer but they didn't have a Sephora at the mall I went to so I just went with Plan B and got NYC's Smooth Skin Sunny bronzer since I heard how much Saaammage was raving about this bronzer. I love how it's matte! A lot better for contouring but this bronzer is a lot sheerer than I expected.

Next I stopped by Beachworks which is one of my most favorite stores ever! I have to swim for PE this whole week and I didn't have a bikini bottom since I accidently left my other one a hotel room when we went on vacation to Lake Tahoe so I really needed to buy one quick. Luckily, Beachworks had some on sale for Buy One, Get One Free.
So a pretty good deal, right?

Last store I went to was PacSun. I was gonna get some shorts since they usually have the cutest shorts on sale but sadly they didn't have my size. But I got some cute shirts.

That's pretty much it for this haul. :) Hope you enjoyed it! I will be having more posts soon!

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