First Week of High School Recap

Saturday, September 03, 2011

So on Tuesday, August 30th I started high school. The first day, it was kinda difficult but not that bad. I got lost every period and my high school isn't even that big! My town is pretty small so imagine if I stayed in Corona! I would have been lost forever!

My classes are pretty okay. I don't have a first period so I don't have to wake up so early but I wake up at 4 and I get ready pretty quick so I could have just taken a first period so I don't have to stay another hour at school... damn... 

My first class is PE. I honestly know NO ONE in that period. I mean, I know the freshmen but I'm not really friends with them since they're mostly the preppy cheerleaders and yeah. I don't hang out with those kind of people. But there's this one guy in my PE class that always keeps on staring at me and if you guys follow me on Twitter then you know that I've been kind of complaining and stuff about him staring at me but luckily, he's cute. ;D So I don't mind THAT much.

My next class is French. I LOVE MY FRENCH TEACHER. HE'S HILARIOUS. I think it's because he has a gay personality? I don't know. I just love gay guys. They're so much fun. But apparently he has a wife? I doubt it. I think French is probably the only class I can pass. He's the only good teacher I have.

Next I have honors geometry. Now my geometry teacher....I think he's a pedophile. It's a really long story. He gets off topic so easily! Like, one kid in my class asked if we need graphing calculators and then my teacher started giving us a whole history lesson about graphing calculators! I think I'm going to need a tutor for geometry because so far, I can't understand a thing about what we're learning about. Like, 15 minutes of class we're actually doing work and the other 45 minutes he's talking about his life and blah blah blah..

This is the class I hate the most.... visual "arts". My art teacher sucks a lot! I never even asked for visual arts as my elective. I wanted freaking creative writing and journalism. How could that class be full? Who would actually sign up for it??? My art teacher teaches like she's teaching a bunch of 5 year olds. She goes SOOO SLOW. She thinks we know nothing about art. They should have made an advanced art class so I don't have to be stuck listening to her babying us. I'd rather go to my actual art school for three hours than listen to my high school visual art teacher for one.

Now I have lunch. This is my favorite part of the day. :D So there's these bunch of hot Asian guys. OMG THEY ARE F*CKING HOT. Well, they're like juniors or seniors. The sophmore guys... eh, not so hot. According to some of the sophmores, the junior or seniors think I'm cute but it's probably like baby cute. 

This is when I have biology. I seriously think my biology teacher is a nervous wreck. She's pretty young and she seems like a nice person but I don't know...I think it's her laugh that makes her seem nervous? I can't describe her laugh... It's like a "EHEHEHEHEHE" and it sounds the same ALL THE FREAKING TIME. People always laugh at her and she thinks they're laughing with her. I feel kinda bad for her.

Last period... English. Usually, English is my favorite subject since it's really easy for me. I just wish we had more writing than reading. If you guys know me, I love to write. Reading... I only read if I have trouble sleeping. All we do during English is talk about BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. I hate it... I guess that's what you do in high school. Just read. The only writing I'll probably do is book reports and boring old essays. Why can't we write stories and fairytales? I would have much more fun doing that than talking about books. Damn school... should have let me do journalism than visual arts. 

Well, I guess that's what I'm gonna suffer with for the whole year. Sigh...

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