Haul: Forever 21, Hello Kitty 'Panties'

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grr... school starts in three days for me. >.< I really do not want to start high school. It seems scary. But anyways, I went clothing shopping for school yesterday. I still need to get more clothes but this will do.

I got some really good deals yesterday.

I really needed a new flannel. I got this from Forever 21 for $15? I never had a red flannel before. Most of mine are purple and blue. I think this flannel is great for Autumn. c:
This cute top for 50% off! It has this really cute lace print. I think it's supposed to be a crop top but there was only one and it's a size large and I am NO WAY close to large. So I think I'm just going to use this as an off the shoulder top. And I have to tuck it in or else it'll look like a dress on me.
This was 50% off also. I wanted to get ready for Autumn and Winter. 
I wish I got a brown blazer! I'll just find one at Nordstrom. The blazers at Forever 21 aren't that good quality.
I got these suuuuper cute underwear for $10 since it was $10 for 3. If only they had a Mamegoma underwear...

Ahaha, that's pretty much it. Hauls are kinda boring... but oh well. People love them for some reason.

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