Harvest Crusade 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I went to the Harvest Crusade on Sunday. It.... was.... AWESOME. It was super fun and exciting. :D The music was great. Jars of Clay was there! I was kinda sad since RED and David Crowder Band didn't perform that day. RED is my favorite Christian band!  

It was freaking crazy! Practically the whole Angels Stadium was full! It was my first time there and I really hope to go there again next year. But they are going to have another one in September at the Dodgers Stadium and CHRIS TOMLIN is gonna be there! 

I'm the one in the middle. LOL Rebecca looks like a man.
Sorry I wasn't looking at the camera. I was tired from waiting in line for three hours

When Jeremy Camp came up, I almost fainted because he was freaking HOT. Good thing he doesn't have that weird soul patch anymore. Now he has those hot shaggy beards that look hot on white guys with big arms in tight shirts.  

 My parents don't want to stick this bumper sticker on our car.  
And they gave us a free NKJ version Bible! I need a new bible since I left mine at someone's house.

OH! And right after Harvest Crusade, there were these people passing out pamphlets to the people and they were cults!  Like, "fake Christians". It was kinda scary since some of the people at Harvest were new believers so they might get confused thinking that what the cults are saying are true.
Stupid cults...

Anyways, hope you guys can come to Harvest Crusade next year!
See ya!

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