Review | Daiso Pore Care Pack Strips

imageHi everyone! How have you all been?
So today is the first day of my summer school-free summer! Now I have more time to make blog posts (jk I have summer assignments and college apps )! So recently I went to Daiso to get a sketchbook. There ended up being no sketchbooks but I can never leave Daiso empty handed so I went over to the beauty aisle and picked up some skin care items! I really wanted to review these pore strips since I've been having difficulties with my clogged pores and it seems as though nothing has been working. I have been using the Origins Charcoal mask but that didn't really change anything for my skin. These pore strips are my last resort! These were only around $2 so I thought "Why the hell  not?"
This is such a great picture
You only get 4 strips in this pack which I personally think isn't enough. I know Biore has a pack with 14 strips for $10. Maybe I can't math right but I believe Biore is a better value overall.
Non-adhesive side
So this pore strip is made of charcoal which I believe is supposed to be good for your pores since the Origins pore mask is made of charcoal as well. The charcoal gives these strips a scent. I personally don't mind it, I actually kinda like it but I believe if you're sensitive about smells then you would find this unbearable.
What I really hate about this is that it doesn't have those slits around the area you put your nose on so it doesn't easily fit on the nose so there are some areas that don't adhere to the strip. Maybe I can cut slits by myself but that's an extra step I shouldn't have to take.
Directly peeling off the pore strip. What's all this black gunk???
Don't worry. It's easily washable
As you can tell by the pictures, I personally didn't see much of a difference. Maybe my nose in the after photo looks a lot cleaner than before but still clogged pores and blackheads! And after peeling off the strip your blackhead are more apparent since it leaves all that stuff on your nose! At least it's easily washable. But still, when I first used it I was like "omg I'm trying to get rid of my blackheads but it made it worse."
Even the results on the strip are pathetic!

It did get really little of my whiteheads but you could mistake them for dust. I swear I have a whole bunch but this got nothing. I did everything the instructions told me to, I used steam to open my pores and blah blah blah but the results lol. I think I got better results using the Biore which is unfortunate since I don't wanna pay that much for Biore strips.

- Cool smell 

- Not a great value
- Leaves black residue on your nose
- Fits awkwardly on the nose
- Some areas are left not adhering to the strip
- Peeled off barely anything
- Comes with only 4 strips???
- Biore is better
- Don't waste your 2 bucks
- Buy some water with that money

I'm pretty sure I would have gotten better results using straight up duct tape than these strips. I read reviews online saying this did fairly well but I'm disappointed it did absolutely crap on me. I know Daiso sells a separate product, it's a white peel off mask and I saw incredible results with that so I will definitely purchase that next time I'm at Daiso.
Hope you guys enjoyed this review!

So some updates, I'm trying to upload a video once a week on my beauty channel so check that out if you're interested. Also, I've been saving money to purchase a 2DS capture card in time for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby (last time I said Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire lol) for my gaming/art channel and I'm kinda halfway there (thank God for Google Adsense) but Jesus Christ! Capture cards are so expensive, especially for Nintendo 3DS! Luckily I'm just gonna get the 2DS since it would only cost around $350 but a regular 3DS capture card is like $500-700. I was being thirsty and asking people for donations since I've seen a lot of Youtubers do that but everyone's relentless to donate to me LOL CRY. It's okay I guess. I'll just work myself.

So yeah! Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Have a great weekend!


KLENSPOP Circle Lenses Review + Pics!

Hi everyone! Long time no post!
This is just a quickie post. I have had no time to do many posts and videos lately but more will be coming soon! I recently got a package from the great people at KLENSPOP.com for me to review more of their great circle lenses.
I have a Youtube video reviewing everything they sent me but this post is mainly for close up pictures.

C.C. Gray - link here
Magic Eye Heva - link here
EXY 3 Color Green - link here
Eye-N Sweety Brown (my fav!) - link here
Here are some full face selfies with some of the lenses.

So yeah! This post is pretty much for extra pictures. Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
Have a great week guys! Now I gotta go catch up on Hunter X Hunter. :)

Lily Hong