Kawaii Box November 2014 Unboxing

Hi everyone! How have you all been? I've been alright. Just stressed since college applications so that's my excuse for not blogging as much as I should.
Today's post is going to be a special post on the Kawaii Box which is a monthly subscription box where you receive 10-12 kawaii items from Japan and Korea for $18.90 like stationary, plushies, key chains, etc. I was sent this month's (November) Kawaii Box to show you guys what kind of stuff you can get every month! I will also be posting an unboxing video on my Youtube channel since I have different viewers on my blog and Youtube channel.
Cute note!
I already opened some items since I recorded a video first
List of items you get for November 2014:

1. 2015 Little Sheep mini calendar
2. Zipper bracelet
3. Macaron cell phone charm
4. Cat character plush key chain
5. Panda puffy stickers
6. Lace deco tape
7. Pocky
8. My Melody socks
9. OMG silicon key chain
10. Kawaii stationary post its

Now I don't know the actual value of the stuff you get but I think you it is a good value judging that everything is around $1-3 and it's free shipping but of course it depends on where you live demographically if it's a good value or not. Like my friend Sam from ColorCrush stated that you can get some of these things for less than a dollar in Korea and Japan but in the U.S it's so much more expensive so depending on where you live you can determine whether or not if it's a good value.

Now since I have seen the past boxes I would say this one isn't as good as the past ones but it's still nice! I really love the sheep calendar since it's super cute and the cat plushie I can put that on my car keys.
I know a lot of you guys love these kinds of things just like me so it's your decision whether or not you want to try out the Kawaii Box.

Stay tuned for a future post for a giveaway on next month's Kawaii Box!

Check out Kawaii Box here: http://www.kawaiibox.com/

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Thanks for reading!


Pinky Paradise 50% Off Deal!

Hi guys! Quick post here!
Just wanted to let you know that Pinky Paradise shared a coupon code made especially for me to share to all of you guys for you to get 50% off on your purchase of circle lenses (only yearly lenses, no toric or Phantasee lenses).
Use the code:

The code expires October 6th so take advantage! Get rid of all your Halloween shopping for your costumes or for future cosplay looks. And if you think I get compensation from the coupon code, I do not! They sent me this code for liking my Halloween posts. :) I'm probably going to use this code myself haha.

Here are some of my favourite lenses that I will most likely be getting (or at least one of them since I got no money):
Princess Pinky Sharingan lenses
Vassen Latte Brown
GEO Eyes Cream Chocomousse
Vassen Rainbow Eyes Purplish Red
Vassen Latte Grey
Princess Pinky Radiance Blue
That's all I have to say today! Hope you guys take advantage of this deal! I already told my friends and you should too!
Thanks for your time!